Thursday, 19 April 2018

Next Meeting - Friday 27th April, 20218

                       9:30 am at St Luke’s Anglican Church Hall, Berry

Guest Speaker - Kerryn Taylor
My early craft practice was in pottery and leatherwork, with infrequent bouts of embroidery. I was instrumental in 1974 to set up the Katherine branch of Territory Craft. I worked for many years organising workshops and teaching sessions. I am still a life member of Territory Craft.

 In 1978 when I was on exchange teaching in United Kingdom I saw exhibitions and publications that opened my eyes to the range of textile art.

In 1980 I was dragooned into making up the numbers for a 3 day embroidery class taught by David Green in Katherine in the NT.  I was hooked from then on.  I have been fortunate to have had many opportunities to work with outstanding textile artists and quilt makers who have visited Katherine over a long period of time.  I use a variety of techniques in my work, ranging from dyeing and printing, shibori resist printing , machine embroidery, hand embroidery, appliqué and photo collage as a base for stitching.

My design ideas come from the environment I live in.  After 39 years of living in Katherine in the Northern Territory I am now adjusting my eyes to seasonal variations and a whole new colour palette around Wangaratta in North East Victoria.  I have also involved myself in the textile opportunities available in Wangaratta and am currently the President of Wangaratta Textile Arts Association which organises the Stitched Up textile Festival every second year.

I am also involved in the Peechelba Machine Embroidery group and the North Eastern branch of Embroiderers Guild Victoria.  For three years I was the Secretary of Ozquilt Network.                  
I have learnt so much from workshops that I recommend to beginning textile artists to make the most of the workshop opportunities that come your way.  Every workshop gives you ideas and inspiration to develop your own voice.



Monday, 12 March 2018

Next Meeting Day—Friday 23rd March, 2018

9:30 am at St Luke’s Anglican Church Hall, Berry

Guest Speaker—Yvonne Line



Yvonne Line is an International Award Winning Art Quilter who has been exploring the use of textiles in various forms since her mid-teens.  She has a wide range of skills and interests and has run her own businesses is several forms over many years including Costume Design and Dressmaking; Patchwork and Quilting classes for all ages; Education and Community Artist, working with many Councils in the Sydney Area; Art Quilt Exhibitions and the establishment of Before and After School Care Facilities in the northern suburbs of Sydney.

These endeavours have been supported with skills in book-keeping, communications and tenacity.  One of her main interests has always been in voluntary endeavours particularly of Quilt Organisation being a founding member of Quilt NSW and current President of Ozquilt Network. Inc. Australia’s premier art quilt organisation and locally as a member Macarthur Textile Network Inc.

Yvonne has provided support in reading and understanding of English as a second language to all ages and backgrounds including tutoring of Aboriginal Students at University level.  She continues to supporting many charitable organisations, schools and individual with donation of quilts and other textile items.

Over many years, Yvonne’s focus has been on presenting art work as layered textiles, using remnants and recycled textiles and re-inventing them into a new form.  That which others discard form her palette.


Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Next Meeting - Friday 23rd February, 2018 St Luke's Hall, Berry

Guest Quilter—Anne Blythman

Local Illawarra quilter is our first guest for the year.

“I made my first quilt in 1986 in Perth - only one quilt shop, hardly any books or magazines on the subject but I managed to find one, published in

Japan. It had diagrams and measurements but no instructions so I was on my own with hundreds of flying geese........ and I was hooked !


Of course, there were lots of bits of fabric left over, so more flying geese

quilts to make!


Returning to Wollongong, I was introduced to the Illawarra Quilters and

"left the flying geese behind" - not literally, because they represent an

adventure that is still going on.

Illawarra Quilters is such a vibrant group, always

interesting workshops happening, quilt shows to organise,  and our charity

work, which is sadly never ending.


Quilters are such generous people willing to share ideas and methods, even

fabrics!  and the friends I have made through quilting come from all walks of life.  Quilting has taken me to exhibitions all over.....locally as well as Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Japan, Amsterdam and the UK


The majority of my quilts are hand stitched and hand quilted and I really

love the process, planning, cutting, stitching.  My current project was

started in April last year and I hope to finish in time for this year's



Thursday, 26 October 2017

Next Meeting - Friday 27th October, 2017

Guest Speaker—Lorraine Downey
I have been patchwork and quilting since the early 1980's and have been the owner of Patchwork Plus for over 28 years.  I really love traditional style quilts and do a lot of English paper piecing.  I also enjoy hand appliqué. 
I have enjoyed teaching basic patchwork for many years and gain a lot of pleasure seeing others discover the joy of quilting.’

Lorraine will tell her story through her quilts.
PS: You may need to have a bit of pocket money on hand........

Next Meeting -Friday 22nd September, 2017

Guest Speaker—Danni Reynolds


‘I've been quilting for about 20 years, and after a career in retail

finally got the opportunity to open my own store about 10 years ago.


When my business partner left after 3 months I had to decide what to do with our fabric shop, so I decided that I should go with my passion and slowly turned it into a quilting shop.

I also like to do dressmaking and have always made clothes for my three kids, especially when they were small. ( They are now 19yrs, 12ys and 10yrs.)


I've always liked where sewing and technology meet, so when we got the chance to have a laser machine in the shop, it seemed right ( despite not actually having any work for it!) That didn't last long with the invention of the Eppiflex template happening at the first use of the machine.


My passion is designing and free motion quilting.  
I love teaching and seeing the creativity for sewing grow in someone.’


Danni will be bringing some of her products  to the meeting so bring your pocket money.......


Check out her website at

The Quilting Patch





Thursday, 17 August 2017

Next Meeting - Friday 25th August, 2017

Guest Speaker—Wendy Nutt
Having sewn since early childhood, Wendy has continually sought to increase her knowledge of techniques in a wide variety of traditional and non traditional needlework styles. Trained as a TAFE Fashion Teacher, her teaching career allowed this development to thrive. Industrial skills, fine needlework, pattern making, and retail production methods all attribute to the broad spectrum of sewing skills within.

It has only been in the last six years that Wendy took an interest in any patchwork and quilting. A chance introduction to the world of modern quilting accelerated this interest. Seeing quilts made by Gee's Bend Quilters, Gwen Marston, Jean Wells, Nancy Crow, Sherri Lynn Wood, Heather Jones and many other modern quilt artists have had a significant influence on Wendy's work.

Six years is a very short time in the quilting world and Wendy has been able to achieve significant milestones in that short time; several of her quilts having won awards locally and at a state level. Her quilts have been exhibited at the 2016 Australasian Quilting Convention (AQC) and she taught and exhibited at AQC in 2017. Wendy has also exhibited in the 2016 and 2017 Quiltcon juried competition held in USA, which attracts world wide participation. At the 2016 Sydney Quilt Show, her two entries received three awards, one being the Contemporary Art Quilt Award. This year she was successful in receiving a Judges Commendation at the Sydney show. Mid year Wendy went to Quilt Encounter in Adelaide, where an extensive program of national and international tutors collectively were invited to present their field of expertise.

Always wanting to know more, Wendy continues to participate in workshops to learn new skills and redefine old ones. In February 2016, Wendy completed and was successful in obtaining her Teaching Accreditation with QuiltNSW and as a result, currently conducts workshops in a variety of patchwork and quilting disciplines.

Wendy's plan is to continue with the development of her modern quilt designs leading to future publishing possibilities, conduct workshops, lecture, and encourage others to embrace new ways to use the past history of this ever evolving craft in their own creative quilts.









Monday, 7 August 2017

Next Sewing Day 11th August, 2017

Our next Sewing Day will be on Friday 11th August at 9:30 am at St Luke's Hall Berry. Doors will open earlier for set up.

Bring along the project you are working on and your supplies or anything you need help or advice with. If you are keen to learn a new technique ask a committee member and we'll connect you to someone who can help.

Iron, ironing board, cutting mat and tea and coffee provided.
Beginning quilters welcome. Hope to see you there.