Berry Quilt Show and Challenge 2017

Berry Quilt Show (presented by RedBerry Quilters)
Berry School of Arts, 
 Alexandra Street, Berry NSW

Thursday 4th May, —Set up day.

Friday 5th May—9am to 4pm (Show)

Saturday 6th May 9am-4pm (Show)

Sunday 7th May 9am –4pm (Show) and pack up after the show.

RedBerry Quilt Show Challenge:
The Great Recycling Quilt Challenge.

We challenge members to come up with a small project made entirely from scraps and repurposed textiles. Think  of the way your grandmothers had to and make do and mend......stretch your imagination and take the opportunity to experiment with something you’ve been meaning to try for a while......
Your quilted project must be:
· Smaller than an A3 sheet of paper (ie smaller than 11.5” x 16.5”). It will be shown on a table so must fit within this size footprint......

· Three layers of fabric joined together by stitch (ie hand or machine quilted or tied)

· Made entirely from repurposed textiles or small scraps (or leftovers from another project) joined together to create new fabric.

· Useable.

Your project can be:

· Flat or 3-dimensional (as long as the base doesn’t exceed the size requirement).

· Any technique eg, applique, pieced, Boro, Sashiko, Kantha, woven, hand or machine embroidered, painted, thread painted, surface applied threads.........

Examples of possible projects:

A table-mat, hot pad, mug rugs, pot holders, small tote bag, toiletries  or other bag, tablet or book cover, sewing caddy, something for a teddy or doll (pillow, quilt or sleeping bag), casserole carrier, baby’s bib, soft sided bin or basket, a soft toy, a landscape or in short anything you can dream up that fits within the “rules”.

Examples of possible textile sources:

Old jeans or clothing, an old quilt, old embroideries or linen, fancy handkerchiefs, fabric scraps or leftover blocks, ‘made’ fabrics, old curtains or anything else you can repurpose.


This is intended to be a fun activity for you and add some extra

interest to our show........ The Quilt Police will not be in attendance so let your hair down.........

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