Saturday, 16 February 2013

Merelyn Pearce Guest Quilter for the Inaugural Meeting

We are delighted that  Merelyn Pearce has agreed to be the Guest Quilter at our inaugural meeting on 22 February.   Merelyn  has received many major awards for her quilts including  Best of Show at N.S.W. Quilters’ Guild show in 2002, 2005, 2008 and 2011;  Best of Australia in 2002,2008 and 2011;  the inaugural Australian Quilting World Masters in 2005, and Best of Show at the Australian Quilt Show in 2005.

"Wildflowers of Margaret Preston", Best of Show in Sydney in 2005.

When asked about her quilting,  Merelyn says  "I prefer to make pictorial quilts, and appliqué by hand or machine lends itself to this.  Colour is a predominant element in my quilts, and I use cotton and silk fabrics, often enhanced with hand embroidery.  I love border prints, often using them as inspiration for designing a quilt.  The inspiration for a new quilt is having a vision of the finished work, even though many of my larger quilts have “evolved” as the journey progresses.  Many things inspire me – nature, works of art, animals, people, but visual impact is a pre-requisite.  I was drawn to the work of Margaret Preston because of the dramatic, energetic vitality of her work and its very essential reflection of Australia."

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