Friday, 15 March 2013

Art Quilt Interest Group to Start

For those interested,  we plan to start the Art Quilt Interest  Group following on from the next meeting on 22 March 2013.  We will meet after lunch  -  for two hours. 

ie   RedBerry Quilters Meeting      9.30 – 12.30
      Lunch                                     12.30-  1.00
      Art Quilt Interest Group           1.00 –  3.00

 Please bring your lunch with you.  There will be a $5 fee  to cover venue, supplies etc at each meeting.

To start,  we are planning to share an art quilt technique – painting on vliesofix (fusible).  If you have used this technique please bring along any work etc for show and tell. 

If you would like to try out this technique then please bring the following…..

·         Vliesofix  (fusible)
·         Small craft mat or cardboard covered in plastic.
·         Paint ( acrylic or fabric, doesn’t matter which, metallic also mix well)
·         1” foam brush (or whatever you have)
·         Fabric (black or white is good to start with)
·         Something to mix small amounts of paint in (art tray, cup cake tray etc)
·         Paddle pop stick or small spoon to mix paint)
·         2  bottles etc to, one to wash brushes one to water down paint.
·         Masking tape.
·         Hair dryer if wet day.
·         Paper scissors
·         A book to write in for ideas, colours used etc for future reference.

Denise Griffiths and I will bring along our supplies and samples to share with you.
We will also discuss plans/ideas for future meetings.                     


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