Saturday, 20 April 2013

Art Quilt Interest Group - April 26 Meeting

This month we are going to try out Paintstiks and Watercolour/Inktense pencils.  If you would like to be involved,  the requirements list follows.  We will have a range of Paintstiks, Inktense pencils, stencils, rubbing plates for you to try,  bring  the items you have available.


Paint stiks and watercolour or inktense pencils if you have them; 

Fabrics – light to dark, preprinted, quilted…. Bring a range of fabrics to experiment with.  Paint stiks will work on any fabric.  Fabrics should be washed to remove any ‘finish’ to get the best results.

Watercolour/inktense pencils work best on light coloured plain cotton.

Stencils, stamps, texture sheets, rubbing plates,  if you have them;

Masking tape
Drawing paper
Freezer paper
Stencil brushes or stiff paint brushes
Tooth brushes
Paper towels
Scissors, stencil knife (if you have one)
Cutting board

Please bring  ‘show and tell’ from last  month to the meeting.  We’ll share what worked and what didn’t!!!

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