Thursday, 18 July 2013

Like to be a Guest Author on the RedBerry Blog?

Have you considered writing a guest post for the RedBerry Quilters' Blog? Blogs are a great forum for sharing news and information with people who share your interests.

Perhaps you have been to an exhibition, quilt show or workshop recently which would be of interest to our members. Perhaps you have developed a technique others may find worthwhile exploring or would like to share your process for creating quilts.

If so, how would you go about this?

  • First you would need to contact Carolyn who can give you guest access to the blog. (Contact details are on the 'About Us' page of the Blog. There are options to email, write or phone.)
  • If you are new to writing blog posts but are keen to share something then instructions can be provided. (If there is sufficient interest a tutorial will be prepared to help you along.)
  • Plan what you want to say - and the best way to say it. (Give Carolyn an outline of your proposed blog post.  You will also need to give permisssion for proofreading and final editing or tweaking to be done before your post is actually published on the blog.)
  • If you intend to add photos of other people's work you MUST have their permission to upload it to the Internet to post it on the Blog. 
  • If you are using photos of your own work you may wish to stipulate conditions on how these photos can be used e.g 'Please do not share these photos on Facebook'  or 'Photos Copywrite to (your name) etc. 

So, please consider contributing...... fresh perspectives and ideas can spark off unexpected and exciting outcomes and help to keep the group vital.

Sue King

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