Monday, 12 August 2013

More Picture Piecing

Our new venue provided us with a lovely space to be introduced to the technique of picture piecing.

Joy talked us through the process (developed by Cynthia England, a US based award winning quilter) using Cynthia's book as a guide.......

Carolyn came prepared with patterns printed directly onto freezer paper sheets (specifically made for inkjet printers), a master copy of the pattern and small snap-lock bags so we could keep track of both the pattern and the small many pieces.

The technique is easier than it appears at first glance and Cynthia England has an excellent website with links to two very clear and informative YouTube videos where she explains her process and offers lots of tips and advice on how to "cheat" - ie streamline. It is well worth a look - and well worth working through a sample exercise. Cynthia also offers free tutorials and patterns as well as patterns and her book for sale.Click on this link to go directly to her website.

Butterflies appeared fairly quickly and, thanks to Joy and Carolyn, it was a delightful way to settle in to our new location.

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