Friday, 17 January 2014

Art Quilt Group January 24 - Silk Paper Journal Cover

The Art Quilt Group will follow the meeting on January 24  and the first project for the year involves making Silk Paper for a journal/notebook cover.  We will try a couple of techniques for making silk paper and then make a journal cover.  Depending on supplies, you can make the full cover in silk paper or just use a small piece for the front of the journal cover.

The requirements for the silk paper and journal cover:-

Silk cocoon strippings (also know as gummy silk)
Silk tops .......

A small quantity of silk cocoon stripings and silk tops will be available on the day. If you would like your own supply,  these items are available online from Silksational in Sydney, the Thread Studio in Perth, or Unique Stitching in Canberra.

In addition you will require:-

Shallow tray or dish  eg  foil BBQ tray
Tulle 2 x A4 size
Chux wipes
Fabric medium (if you have it)
Baking paper
Notebook/Address book  or journal
Fat quarter of fabric (background)
Fat quarter of batting
Quilting thread to co-ordinate with backing fabric
Machine in good working order

Hope you can join us....

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