Saturday, 22 February 2014

ArtQuilt Group Friday 28 Feb - About Sketchbooks

 Keeping a quilting sketchbook or journal can be a very valuable tool and one which can be used in many ways. For example collecting information about the quilts you have made, storing photo-graphs and quilt designs that inspire you, learning about colour and fabric and finding colour schemes for quilts, researching and developing designs based on traditional quilts, exploring ideas, inspiration and experiments around a particular theme …..

If you would like to start a quilting sketchbook or journal and try out some techniques you can use, then bring:-

- Sketchbook/Journal or paper
- Thick thread and large needle to bind pages if making your own book
- Photograph(s) that inspire you … yours or from magazines etc
- Glue stick, scissors, ruler, rubber, lead pencil
- Tracing paper, masking tape, cling film (small quantity)

And if you have them ...

- Watercolour or acrylic paints/ paintbrush
- Colour pencils, pigment ink or gel pens

and join us after the February meeting for some fun!

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