Sunday, 11 May 2014

Challenge for the SCCQG September Quilt Show

The South Coast & Country Quilt Guild  have announced the Challenge theme for the Quilt Show in September this year ...


Challenge Rules:-

1. Make a quilt 12” by 16”. It can be landscape or portrait  The content must reflect the theme "I See Red".

2. The entire quilt, including the binding must be no larger than 12” x 16”. If the outer edge of your piece is irregular it must still fit within that size. It will consist of three layers, front, wadding and backing, and will be quilted (hand or machine) by the maker. It must be bound or stitched in some way around the border.  It is not necessary to put a sleeve on the back as the entries will be pinned to the display board. However a label with your name, phone no. and club should be on the back. Your work may be appliqued, pieced, embroidered – whatever takes your fancy.

3. Any embellishments must not protrude any more than ½” from the surface of the piece. Your piece will not be three dimensional. Any dingle dangles must still fit within the 12” by 16” frame.

4. The quilt may be made of alternative fibres – such as paper, wool etc -but must be completed in the traditional way (as above).

5.  You can use whatever and however many colours you choose.

6. There is no charge to enter the challenge.

Completed challenges need to be delivered to the Soldiers’ Club no later than 1pm on set up day Thursday 11 September 2014, can be brought to the August SCCQG Meeting or refer to the RedBerry co-ordinator (to be nominated)  for the show.

SCCQG would like an indication of the number of Challenge entries from our group.  If you are planning to take part please give your name to the RedBerry Co-ordinator by 1 August 2014.

Viewers' choice award and prize will be awarded each day. The winner becomes ineligible for subsequent days’ voting, and viewers will be advised. They will also be advised of the rules of the competition.


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