Friday, 15 May 2015

Next Meeting is Friday 22 May at 9.30am

Our Guest  is Noelene Cox - Spinner and Weaver 

Noelene tells us  "I have loved sewing all my life.  My Grandmother got me hooked as a small child, and she also encouraged me to try a large assortment of other crafts.  All the women in my family (with the exception of my sister) have been able knitters, crocheters, tatters, embroiderers, and dressmakers.  What hope did I have?

As well as sewing, and crocheting, which I do enjoy, I knit (not so happily) and have also ‘dabbled’ in lead lighting, and hot glass work (bead making and glass slumping), painting (I am NOT a painter!), and the list goes on and on. 

I have worked as a teacher in a number of these areas.  I am fascinated by the traditions (I have 15 elderly spinning wheels and two antique sock machines ) and the feeling of connection with long ago women who also engaged in these activities.  We are so lucky to be able to enjoy these activities, so many of our forebears had no choice!

Around ten years ago I acquired my first spinning wheel, and became a member of Berry Spinners and Weavers (and made myself at home, currently I am the queen).  As usually happens, I produced copious amounts of yarn, which I had no intention of knitting.  Learning to weave was the obvious choice! There were suddenly no limits to the yarns and fabrics I could produce! I quickly acquired two looms, and learned so much about the weaving traditions of women now and in the past.  I enjoy the planning of weaving projects; there are so many choices, and so many factors which have to be considered in any decisions for a new project.  Setting up and beginning to weave are great, and the rest of the project is just ‘joining the dots’.  Necessary so that the next project can be started.

I have enormous respect for quilters.  They have so much patience! I have made quilts over the years, but I don’t ever pretend to call myself a quilter.  Recently I have been ‘co-quilting’ with a friend.  It’s been great, and I know that a quilt is the only hug which I can post!

Hope you can join us for the May Meeting ......

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