Sunday, 15 November 2015

Last Meeting for 2015 - 27 November

Our last meeting for this year and Christmas Party is on the 
27 November at 9.30am at St Luke's Anglican Church Hall Berry

Our Guest Quilter will be Amanda Daly.  Here is her profile...

I’ve been passionately working with fabric for more than 20 years.

My work is best described as contemporary, particularly in my raw edge appliqué technique though I still cling reverently to some of the more traditional aspects of patchwork and quilting. The technical grounding in traditional work has been a very beneficial part of my learning curve and I really enjoy the variety that my mixed interests bring.


I’m an Accredited Teacher of Special Techniques with The Quilters’ Guild of NSW Inc. In addition to teaching regular classes in and around Sydney, my teaching also takes me to far flung places around Australia and beyond. Some of my recent workshops have taken to places as far away as Norfolk Island, Fiji, Noumea and New Zealand.

I’m regularly asked to judge quilt shows large and small, something that enhances my enjoyment and experience in the quilting world. These and many other experiences have been an amazingly interesting and rewarding part of my creative life. My passion for quilting takes me to special places and puts me in touch with wonderful people.

I am fascinated with the Fibonacci number sequence and its relationship to the ratio of the Golden Rectangle. I use this as a design aid to assist with proportion, harmony and balance in all of my designs. Fibonacci and The Golden Rectangle theory and how it can make a positive difference to the harmony and balance within a quilt is the basis of many of my workshops. It is such an easy method to understand and put in to practice.

My varied interests draw me to belong to 2 very different organisations. I passionately enjoy both patchwork and quilting and contemporary (mixed media).

I'm a very active member of Quilt NSW. I currently hold the positions of President, and Coordinator for the Teacher Accreditation Program. Belonging to the guild helps me to feel very grounded and connected to the patchwork and quilting world.

I also belong to ATASDA (Australian Textile Art and Surface Design Assoc.) and really enjoy the interaction with like minded souls and I'm increasingly becoming a mixed media enthusiast and really enjoy the freedom this kind of creativity allows me.

Hope you can join us !

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