Thursday, 21 July 2016

Next Meeting is on Friday 22 July 2016 at 9.30am

Our Guest Quilter is Carolyn Collins

As I stand down as RedBerry Secretary at this AGM,  and Dorothy has asked me to be this months Guest Quilter!!  

I have decided not to continue as Secretary at this time because I have the opportunity to be part of an art exhibition with a painter friend on mine and I want to focus on this project, so lots of work ahead!!

I made my first quilt in the 1980’s  but only got into serious quilt making when I retired from full time work in the mid 90’s.  Since then I have made many quilts for family and friends and myself  and have tried many techniques and styles.  I eventually decided that my favourite technique is applique, in all its forms.
After moving to Berry  in 2005  I started to  develop my own designs  but soon realised that I didn’t have room or wall space for many more large quilts !!  I decided it would be good to learn more about design and this led me into making  art quilts .   In this area of quilting there are also many techniques and styles  to try!!  

   Hope to see you at the Meeting 

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