Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Next Meeting - Friday 23rd February, 2018 St Luke's Hall, Berry

Guest Quilter—Anne Blythman

Local Illawarra quilter is our first guest for the year.

“I made my first quilt in 1986 in Perth - only one quilt shop, hardly any books or magazines on the subject but I managed to find one, published in

Japan. It had diagrams and measurements but no instructions so I was on my own with hundreds of flying geese........ and I was hooked !


Of course, there were lots of bits of fabric left over, so more flying geese

quilts to make!


Returning to Wollongong, I was introduced to the Illawarra Quilters and

"left the flying geese behind" - not literally, because they represent an

adventure that is still going on.

Illawarra Quilters is such a vibrant group, always

interesting workshops happening, quilt shows to organise,  and our charity

work, which is sadly never ending.


Quilters are such generous people willing to share ideas and methods, even

fabrics!  and the friends I have made through quilting come from all walks of life.  Quilting has taken me to exhibitions all over.....locally as well as Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Japan, Amsterdam and the UK


The majority of my quilts are hand stitched and hand quilted and I really

love the process, planning, cutting, stitching.  My current project was

started in April last year and I hope to finish in time for this year's



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