Berry Quilt Show 2019 Entry Form

Berry Quilt Show presented by RedBerry Quilters

3rd – 5th May 2019

Conditions of Entry:
❖ Entries are welcome from all quilters.
❖ A limit of 3 quilts per entrant. Also, there is a limit of one entry per person of quilts 90 inches (228cm) or more.
❖ RedBerry Quilters reserves the right to limit the number of quilts displayed. Quilts will be displayed in priority order (see entry form).
❖ Entries must not have been previously entered in the Berry Quilt Show.
❖ Quilts must be made by the entrant.
❖ A hanging sleeve, no less than 4 inches, is requested. Hanging sleeve should be stitched, not pinned, to the quilt.
❖ Each quilt to have its own entry form.
❖ Each quilt must have a label securely attached with the name, address and contact phone number of the entrant. Quilts without a label will not be accepted.
❖ Quilts to be delivered in a bag with the entrant’s name, address and contact phone number clearly labelled.
❖ Prizes will be awarded by viewer’s choice daily.
❖ Quilts for sale: Limit of 1 per person. Berry Quilt Show will take a commission of 20% for any entry sold. Sale price should include commission.

Quilt delivery and Collection
Entry forms must be received by Friday, 26 April 2019. Post completed forms to: 
RedBerry Quilters PO Box 324 Berry NSW 2535
Enquires: RedBerry Secretary:

Entries are to be delivered to the Berry School of Arts, 19 Alexandra Street, Berry 
on Thursday 2nd May between 9:30am and 12pm.
Entries can be collected between 4:30 – 5:30 pm on Sunday 5th May.

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