RedBerry Quilters—Dates for 2019

Sewing Days                                     Meetings


 8th February                           22rd February 

  8th March                               22rd March 

  12th April                                26th April

 10th May                                  24th May

 14th June                               28th June ** Please note date change to work around Sydney Quilt Show

12th July                                 26th July— AGM

9th August                             23th August

13th September                      27th September

11th October                          25th October

8th November                         22rd November ** Christmas function

13th December               

Sewing Day and Meeting Dates for 2017

Month                             Sewing Day                      Meeting Date            Guest Speaker

February                             10th                                   24th                    Kate McEwen

March                                  10th                                  24th                      Lisa Johnson

April                             Good Friday                           28th               Committee members

May                                     12th                                  26th                    Denise Griffiths

June                                       9th                                  23rd               Members (To Be Advised)

July                                      14th                                  28th              Megan Manwaring

August                                 11th                                  25th                   Wendy Nutt

September                             8th                                  22nd    Danni Reynolds (The Quilting Patch)

October                                13th                                  27th           To be advised

November                             10th                                  24th            End of Year Event

RedBerry Quilters Meeting Dates 2016

February  26
March  18  (Note:  March 25 is Easter Good Friday)
April  22          
May   27
June   24
July  22
August  26
September  23
October  28
November  25

RedBerry Quilters meet from 9.30am to 1.30pm  on the 4th Friday of each month
at St Luke's Church Hall,  Princes Street, Berry

Everyone is welcome so feel free to come to a meeting and see what it's all about!
You may attend two meetings as a visitor just paying the meeting fee of $5.00  then we will ask you to join the group.

Please bring:-

*  your membership card and meeting fee $5.00 (Visitors  $5.00)
*  a current/recent project for Show and Tell
*  your name tag

RedBerry Sewing Days   9.30 - 2.30  at St Lukes Church Hall, Princes Street, Berry

RedBerry Quilters hold an open sewing day on the second Friday of the month.  Sewing days include a demonstration/ small project or work on a Community Quilt project.

Bring along your current project, sewing kit and lunch.  We will provide an iron and ironing board, cutting board and tea and coffee.  If you need a hand with your project or just enjoy the opportunity to sew in the company of other quilters come and join us.
The cost is $5.00 for the day.

2016 Sewing Days are:

February  12
March  11
April  8
May  13
June  10
July  8
August  12
September  9
October  14
November  11

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